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This assignment addresses  the following objectives: 

1. interpret the meanings of medical terms through root, prefix, suffix, and whole word recognition;2. construct medical terms by combining word elements;3. utilize medical terms and standard medical abbreviations in their appropriate context;4. identify the major organs, structure, and function of each body system;7. apply medical terminology to the healthy state and the diseased state of a body system; and8. utilize appropriate medical terminology to explain pathophysiologic processes and how they affect bodysystems and the individual as a whole

Select a medical condition from any chapter in the textbook.  Research the following:  pathophysiology, symptom manifestation, treatment options including medical, surgical and pharmacological, and the prognosis of the disease. 

 Document the source using APA format. Submit the assignment to me using the following guidelines:

  •  The report should be approximately 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced, using 12 pt. font.
  • Appropriate medical terminology is required; as always, in medical terminology, spelling and grammar count.


 Pathophysiology – explain how the disease process affects an organ, system, and the entire human being. 25 points

 Symptoms – list the symptoms one experiences with the condition; explain what organs and systems are involved and how symptoms manifest themselves. 25 points

 Treatment – What treatment is involved? Is it curative or palliative; medical, surgical or pharmacological?  25 points

Prognosis – what is the chance that treatment will cure the condition?  Will any body organs lose their function?  Will the person be able to live a functional, productive life?  Are there new or experimental programs on the horizon for these conditions?

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