Wk 2 – Advanced Database Architectures [7-22-19] Assignment Content Your organization uses Microsoft® Excel® to maintain its inventory. The company is growing rapidly and has reached the point where a

Wk 2 – Advanced Database Architectures [7-22-19]

Assignment Content

  1. Your organization uses Microsoft® Excel® to maintain its inventory. The company is growing rapidly and has reached the point where an inventory database is needed.

    Your organization’s database needs include the following:

    • Multiple departments will require access to the database, including eCommerce, manufacturing, sales, and customer service
    • Employees will use the database to:
    • Enter data
    • Reference data
    • Use data to auto-populate new orders and customer service records
    • Analyze data and create reports

    Recommend three of the following six database architecture types that would work for your organization:

    • Hierarchical
    • Network
    • Relational
    • Distributed Relational
    • Object-Oriented
    • Cloud

    Include the following in your recommendation:

    • Your top three recommended architectures, in order, using the number 1 as your best recommendation
    • Your rationale for recommending each architecture
    • The characteristics that make each architecture a top recommendation
    • The current usage trends of these architectures in the industry and how it affected your recommendation for each
    • Potential concerns or disadvantages of each architecture
    • Summary of reasons for not recommending the remaining three architectures
    • Citations for any graphics, images, video, or audio used

    Create your recommendation as either:

    • A 3- to 4-page technical summary in Microsoft® Word
    • A 14- to 16-slide multimedia-rich presentation with detailed speaker notes

    Submit your assignment.

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