with this, s 28. The only variable that can differ in an ECG of a normal individual is (1 Point) O PR interval. O RR

with this, s 28. The only variable that can differ in an ECG of a normal individual is
(1 Point)
PR interval.
RR interval.
ST interval.
QT interval.
29. Lipoprotein lipase is activated by
(1 Point)
O apolipoprotein A
apolipoprotein B100
apolipoprotein B48
apolipoprotein C2
30. Kaposi sarcoma is a borderline vascular tumour that is associated with
(1 Point)
O Herpes Simplex Virus 1
Hepatitis Virus B
Human Herpesvirus 8
Human T cell Lymphotropic Virus 26. The heart is supplied by the cardiac nervous plexus which is composed of (1 Point) O Phrenic and Vagus nerves. 0 Vagus and sympathetic trunk. O Splanchnic nerve and Thoracic ganglia.
O Phrenic and Cervical ganglia. 2?. Truncus and conus of the developing heart are separated by the fusion of the two spiral
ridges. The conotruncal septum takes a spiral, descending course in the normally
developing heart. Select the most likely condition when the course is straight downward without the spiral.
(1 Point) 0 Pulmonary trunk originate from left ventricle.
0 Pulmonary veins drain into right atrium.
0 Patent ductus arteriosus. O Coartation of aorta. 23. In the normal heart there are specialized cells which act as pacemaker cells The most
important of these pacemaker cells which normally establishes the heart rate is in the
(1 Point)
O sinoatrial node.
atrioventricular bundle.
atrioventricular node.
Purkinje fibers.
24. The cardiac output is regulated by several factors including neural factors which is mainly
via the autonomic nervous system. The main cardiovascular control centre in the central
nervous system is found in the
(1 Point)
medulla oblongata.
25. The mutated genes in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy involved in production of
(1 Point)
O cytoskeleton protein
sarcomere protein
mitochondria protein
lipoprotein 20. During physical exercise systemic blood pressure is seen to increase. Among the main
reasons for this is the increased heart rate and increased
(1 Point) O respiratory rate.
0 total peripheral resistance. 0 body temperature. 0 stroke volume 21.Arch of aorta segment between common carotid artery and left subclavian artery is
derived from
(1 Point)
O Aortic sac.
0 Left 4th aortic arch.
0 Left dorsal aorta. 0 Left 3rd aortic arch. 22. Blood plasma contains many elements including protein. The most abundant type of
protein which significantly contributes to the osmolarity of blood is
(1 Point) O fibrin.
O creatine.
O albumin

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