What interventions ed Gwen begin to think more about her resources and strengths than about her problems? What do you think of the application of

What interventions ed Gwen begin to think more about her resources and strengths than about her problems? What do you think of the application of the miracle question with Gwen? What steps did Gwen decide to take as a result of her answer? Image transcription text e careful-files from the Internet can contain viruses. Unless you need to edit, it’s safer to stay in Protected View.
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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Gwen
This session begins with Gwen expressing how overwhelmed she is with the number of
"If you had a magic wand and could solve your problem today, how would you know it
assignments she has at work
was solved?" [The miracle question]
"I don’t think I can handle the pressure of these new assignments."
"I would know it was solved if I did not have a stomach ache, did not triple book
meetings, didn’t have five projects due all at once, felt comfortable taking time for
relaxation, had time to go out with friends, and didn’t have stacks of paper around my
"On a scale of zero to 10, where zero is no pressure and 10 is extreme pressure Where
house and office just waiting for me to handle it all."
would your feeling of pressure be on the scale?"
"What would you be doing or feeling that would be different?"
"8! I should have just kept quiet and not taken on any new projects I always do this to
myself. I wish I could start over and not take on so much. I am missing out on time with
my family and friends because I have piled the work on so high! I don’t know why I
"I would be able to go home at a reasonable time at after work I would feel more reste
create so much work for myself. I know people at work can see that I am on the edge. I
I would have healthy and balanced meals, and I would have more quality time with my
am not feeling good about anything I am doing these days. I know I’m ruining my
husband and children. At work, I would feel good about the projects I was finishing, and
reputation because I just can’t get things done. I am missing in action in my own life."
I would resist taking on too many projects at the same time."
The miracle question, or the magic wand question as I call it, is a way to assist Gwen in
projecting into the future to the life she wants to experience. I emphasize that doing one
"Tell me about some times when you did not feel this way. What were you doing when
things were getting done that you are not doing now?"
thing differently could be a significant step in finding a solution.
encourage Gwen to think about some time when her stress was not so overwhelming
and what she did to better manage her stress. This focus on discovering Gwen’s
"I invite you to rip up your canvas of anxiety and create a new portrait of calm in your life
strengths puts Gwen in the position of being the expert on her own life. I am confident
by doing one thing differently. What do you think you can change this week?"
that Gwen has the a capacity to find solutions to her challenges
Gwen is so accustomed to her story of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed that it is difficult
for her to shift gears and observe that she is doing several things well in her life. My
"I will begin my day with prayer and some stretching exercises to me loosen up and
interventions are aimed at assisting her in seeing herself as more than being highly
to reduce my stress level. And I think it is time to resign from one of the committees I
am on now."
"In the midst of your busy life, you have remained committed to therapy I find that very
"Those are great choices you are making. I look forward to hearing how you did when
impressive given your schedule and the number of obligations you are juggling. I
we meet next week"
wonder what else might be going well in your life."
I compliment Gwen on the progress she is making, and in our next session I will follow
up on her homework. I hope Gwen will discover that the answers she is seeking reside
within herself
I have been arriving at work on time, and that feels pretty good Also, I took time for a
swimming lesson even though I was stressed out about getting my projects done. I must
say that I felt so much better afterward."
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