This is a repost due to timming change.  Part ICreate an Android™ app that will be used to enter student grades for college courses.Develop three screens as follows:The first screen should allow th

This is a repost due to timming change. 

Part I

Create an Android™ app that will be used to enter student grades for college courses.

Develop three screens as follows:

  • The first screen should allow the entry of a student id, first name, last name, class id, and class name.
  • The second screen should allow the entry of a grade for each student and class that they took. The grade entry will be a number which can range from 0 – 100.
  • The third screen should show the student name and overall letter grade for the semester based on the classes that they took. Note: Use the grade conversion table below:

Points              Grade

100-90                 A

80-89                   B

70-79                   C

60-69                   D

Below 60              F

Use the sample students and grades below:

Student ID             Student Name            Class ID       Class Name       Grade

1                             Sally Smith                     100            Biology                 70

1                             Sally Smith                     110            Gym                     90

2                             Mark Front                      120            English                40

2                             Mark Front                      110            Gym                    10

3                             Rick Hart                         130           Science                85

3                             Rick Hart                         100           Biology                 90

3                             Rick Hart                         110           Gym                     45

4                             Justin Jones                    140           Computers           45

4                             Justin Jones                    120           English                 70

Design the database using the following fields and criteria:

StudentID VARCHAR(8),

FirstName varchar(20),

Lastname varchar(20),

ClassID varchar(20),

Grade Integer(3),

Lettergrade Varchar(2)

Part II

Prepare a 5-slide presentation to present the app, including speaker’s notes.

Create the content for the presentation. The following are examples of appropriate content:

  • The best uses of Google Cloud™ messaging
  • The best uses of Google Maps™ API and where it can be best used.
  • The challenges encountered during the development of this app.

Compile all files associated with the app and your presentation into a .zip folder.

Submit the .zip folder to the Assignment Files tab above.

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