The following are descriptions of research studies. There is at least one design problem in each. For each, indicate what the design flaw is and

The following are descriptions of research studies.  There is at least one design problem in each.  For each, indicate what the design flaw is and what could be done to redesign the study to address the issue at hand and eliminate the flaw. An experimental psychologist working with a basketball coach decided to test the theory of motor learning knowledge and visual feedback on basketball players and college students. In the experiment subjects threw darts at a dartboard. In one condition, as soon as the subject released the dart the lights were turned off so the subject could not see the consequence of the throw. In the other condition, the lights remained on. Then all the subjects were given a long questionnaire that probed their knowledge of kinesthetic feedback mechanisms. The athletes did better than the students on the dart throwing task in both the feedback and non-feedback conditions, but they did worse on the written task. All groups did better in the feedback condition than the non-feedback condition, and the interactions were not significant. The experimenters concluded that motor skill does not improve with greater knowledge of kinesthetic theory but does improve through knowledge of results. Is the conclusion flawed? Why or why not?

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