The data warehouse Scenario: A retail bookstore chain has branches across the United Kingdom.

Scenario: A retail bookstore chain has branches across the United Kingdom. The senior management has strategically decided to implement a data warehousing solution to enable better decision-making and to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Imagine that you have been hired by the firm as a data warehousing consultant. You need to solve the following tasks as part of your role as a consultant.


1- Evaluate the data warehouse and DBMS solutions available in the market. Present your findings as a comparative analysis of 3-5 different solutions. Provide a summary with your selection of the best solution. Cite relevant reasons for your choice using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.

2- Explain how the bookstore chain could use multi-dimensional cubes as a part of its data warehousing solution. Explain how the chain could use the ‘slice and dice’ technique in this solution.

3- Explain how the bookstore chain could use the star schema in its data warehousing solution. Describe the performance improvement techniques that should be used for the star schema. Justify your answers to convince the bookstore chain’s management team to use the star schema as part of their data warehousing solution.

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