Research Paper proposal


Research Paper Project

Due Friday April 8,2019


In this assignment, you will compare how two companies, within the same industry, approach a specific business issue in the workplace. Acceptable issues include: a) motivating employees, b) corrective action, c) incentive programs, d) executive recruiting and training e) project management, f) diversity, g) responding to changes in addition to any topics we discussed in the class discussion forum.

This project is broken into the following parts:

1. Proposal (via Discussion Board)

2. Research Paper (Assignment drop box)

3. Powerpoint Presentation (submit via both Assignment drop box and Discussion Board)

Post in the discussion forum a 1-2 paragraph introducing the companies that you will be discussion and the issue that you will be analyzing. You and your classmates can comment and offer suggestions to each other. I will only comment if I see a problem with your proposal.

Research Paper 

Prepare a 4-5 page research paper on your chosen topic (not including the required 1 page for cover page, 1 page for references, tables and diagrams)

1. The report MUST be written in concise and fluent English.

2. A well-written, purposive, directive and comprehensive report.

3. Appearance: double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman front and free of typographical errors.

4. Paragraphs should be indented and no longer than 5 sentences.

5. Meets APA compliance standards. Properly formatted citations are a must!


Prepare an 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your project. Submit it via the Assignment drop box and also post in the discussion forum to share with your peers. 

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