qmb 2100 – statistics online homework

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4.2a  Probability Rules: Properties: addition 

4.2b  Probability Rules: Multiplication

5.1  Discrete Random Variables

5.2  The Binomial Distribution

6.4  Find the Value of Z

6.5  Find the Value of t

9.4  Hypothesis Testing Means: P values

 9.5  Hypothesis Testing Means: Z values

9.1a  Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing and Types of Errors

 9.2  Hypothesis Testing Proportions: p-value

 9.3  Hypothesis Testing Proportions: z-values

 9.6  Hypothesis Testing Means: t-values

 9.8  Hypothesis Testing about a Population Variance

 10.1  Hypothesis Testing Two Proportions (Large Independent Samples)

 10.2  Hypothesis Testing Two Means (Sigma Known)

 10.3  Hypothesis Testing Two Means (Sigma Unknown)

 10.4  Hypothesis Testing Two Means (Dependent Samples)

11.1  Scatter Plots and Correlation

 11.2  Fitting a Linear Model

 11.3  Regression Analysis I

 11.4  Multiple Regression

 11.5  ANOVA Regression

 9.9  Chi-Square Test for Association

 9.10  Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit 

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