Pols101–writing assignment #2: supreme court decision

Write a “How to Guide” for political and social activism. What have you learned? How do you build a successful social and political movement? Below there is a short list of activists. Seek out some information about some of these individuals to inspire your guide. In your paper you must reference terms from our textbook and use class terms. You must also make reference to important judicial decisions where relevant or outcomes such as legislation, to validate and support your point.  Minimum word count, 850 words. This assignment will require some independent research.

Aaron Bartley (New Economy Coalition)

Teresa Cheng (United Students Against Sweatshops)

Sylvia Ray Rivera (LGBT Activist)

Lucas Benitez (Coalition of Immokalee Workers)

Deepak Bhargava (Center for Community Change)

Fannie Lou Hammer (Civil Rights)

Bayard Rustin (Civil Rights)

Sarita Gupta (Jobs with Justice)

Diane Judith Nash (Civil Rights)

Ai-Jenn Poo (National Domestic Workers Alliance)

Dolores Huerta (Labor Leader/Civil Rights)

Patricia Castellanos (Labor Activist)

Cesar Estrada Chavez (Labor Leader/ Civil Rights)


  1. If you have any questions about relevant topics, please reach out to your Instructor.
  2. A quality report will be between 850-1200 words. 
    Clarity and detail, as well as connections to the tools of political activism, relevant legislationa and accomplishments etc., are more important than length.
  3. You should use at least 5 quality sources to research and clarify your thoughts. When appropriate, the sources should be cited within the body of your analysis (using or style).  A complete bibliography or Works Cited should be and the end of your submitted document and will include all sources from which you gathered information.  URLs alone are NOT a sufficient citation (See or style guides).
  4. Be sure to check for clarity and appropriate word usage; complete sentences; correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. 
  5. You should demonstrate substantial understanding about your topic and the current state of play on the issue.
  6. Be sure to follow all guidelines as outlined in the Preview the documentView in a new window.
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