PHL 320 Applied Critical Thinking and Decision Making


For this assignment, you will identify  potential ethical issues related to decisions that are made. You will  examine what impact ethical considerations may have on decision-making  processes and what impact corporate social responsibility can have on  the outcome of decision-making for an organization as a whole.

Identify a business in your community. This can be your place of  employment, a business with which you are familiar, or a business that  you research in the University Library (Wells Fargo, Enron, Bank of  America, Pepsi, etc.).

Develop a 10- to 15-slide presentation  (including detailed speaker notes) in which you evaluate the ethical and  social responsibility practices within your chosen organization. You  may use Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Publisher®, or any other  presentation software of your choice.

Include the following in your evaluation: 

  • Select a major business decision recently made by the business.
  • Evaluate how the business applies corporate social responsibility within its decision-making processes.
  • Identify potential ethical issues related to the major business  decision that was recently made, and determine the effect that these  issues may have had on decision-making processes in general at the  business.
  • Discuss how critical thinking can be used to improve corporate social responsibility best practices.

Tutorial help on PowerPoint® and Publisher® can be found on the Microsoft® Office® website or  by conducting a search in your web browser. Search the internet for  tutorial help with other presentation software you may choose to use.

Cite a minimum of 2 references in the speaker notes.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 

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