: Open with ASSIGAIMENT TASK Your task is to prepare for and attend an interview about your plan for professional progression. You will need to

: Open with ASSIGAIMENT TASK Your task is to prepare for and attend an interview about your plan for professional progression. You will need to identify and explain options that might you bridge the gap between your current situation and your future career aspirations. The interview will be between 10-15 minutes. You will be asked questions on the following topics: Career goal Current reality Career progression options The interview will include three parts focussed on the following topics: Part 1: Career Goal Set out two possible career choices you have identified via job search tools and explain: Your motivation for making the choices. Your suitability for one of the chosen careers. .
. O Part 2: Current Reality Identify and explain your strengths and weaknesses using your: Personal SWOT analysis completed in class. o Feedback collected through the ‘Ask 5 People’ exercise. Explain your current job role and show any relevance this has to your choice of degree and your future career goals. Explain your understanding of what your degree entails and which aspects of this are likely to interest / motivate you the most. Part 3: Options for Progression Identify and explain one of each of the following points: Improvement you will make to meet the person specification in the job advertisement you have referred to in Part 1 of the interview. Aspect of the ARUL Digital Library that you plan to use to enhance academic skills. • Step you plan to take to improve the effectiveness of your digital identity. • Step to improve your knowledge of the industry you seek to work in. .
N.B. You must describe and explain specific and targeted solutions that will improve your career prospects. You can only do this by using research to identify existing job adverts. For example, through Career Zone, you may be able to identify a company you can connect with on LinkedIn. You could then research that company and compare your current skill set with the requirements that company has asked for in their job advert(s). You should then link your solution to your research in a manner similar to this: “To train as a ljob title), I will need to gain some experience of the role, which I can get through the apprenticeship programme that starts in June (Hilton Apprenticeship, 2018).” 2

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