of a residence at 123 10th St. Annapolis, MD. Jonathan Brown was at the Manga’s house on Sunday, February 10, 2018, watching the Super Bowl.

of a residence at 123 10th St. Annapolis, MD. Jonathan Brown was at the Manga’s house on Sunday, February 10, 2018, watching the Super Bowl. A concerned citizen contacted 911 and reported that the occupants of the home were selling drugs out of the home and were presently smoking marijuana and that one individual identified as “Brown” had a handgun in his waistband as he entered the residence. Based on the 911 call, Officers responded to the residence. The Manga’s’ home has a very large living room window and while walking up to the front door, officers observed through the window Mr. Brown and two other guests sitting on the couch watching television and smoking something. They also detected a distinct odor coming from the residence and observed Mr. Brown hand a very large baggie of greenish-brown matter next to someone standing near the couch. Based on the officers’ training, knowledge and experience, the particular smoking device being used and the distinct odor they detected, the officers reasonably believed the substance the occupants were smoking and contained within the large baggie was marijuana. Officers then knocked on the door. After hiding the drugs, Mr. Manga opened the door and granted the officers access to the home and consent to search. When the officers came inside, they informed Mr. Brown and his friends that they had witnessed the transfer of a baggie of marijuana between Mr. Brown and another gentleman and that everyone in the room had been observed smoking marijuana through the living room window. Police then observed what looked like a handgun sandwiched between the cushions of the couch near Mr. Brown and upon further inspection discovered three additional handguns underneath the same couch. The officers then conducted pat-downs of Mr. Brown and everyone else in the room. On Mr. Brown’s person, the officers recovered two digital scales and $1,541 in cash. On the person to whom Mr. Brown had handed the large baggie of greenish-brown matter, officers recovered a large baggie of marijuana. None of the guns are properly registered and none of the occupants have valid permits to carry any firearms. Discuss the potential charges that can be filed against Brown.

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