New Religious Movements members are more typical than atypical and they do not need to be a threat to society, but rather their existence is

New Religious Movements members are more typical than atypical and they do not need to be a threat to society, but rather their existence is evidence of freedom of religion and of pluralism. The possibility of conflict occurs when NRM beliefs and practices clash with mainstream values. Although pejorative terminology (Cult) is used that spins negative image of certain religions, most NRMs are  alternative religions, small spiritual or religious groups that hold beliefs outside society’s mainstream, or practice their faith in less traditional ways. There also tends to be a continuum regarding their understanding of salvation and their attitude toward secular society (i.e. otherworldly/this-worldly  and tension with society). In the US,  the 1960s us the cultural context for the proliferation of NRMs and sociologists viewed a high degree of rationality with those who join NRMs. However, there remains a public debate about NRM where there a tension between government protection of NRMs vs. issues of freedom of expression and religious choice (government action against NRMs). Instructions: Using an everyday object as your central focus, imagine and creat e a New Religious Movement with your fellow followers by describing each of the FOUR following areas of analysis. Be sure to link the object with your analyses and descriptions, and be sure to be creative and have fun with it! . How does this faith define its God / Goddess / Gods / Goddesses? To what extent are these divinities interlinked? Independent? Related (or not) to Humankind? Or is there no “God” whatsoever? are some of the symbolic and/or artistic representations of this system’s take on Divinity and the Divine? have they produced, celebrated, destroyed or hidden as related to the artistic expressions (internal OR external to their community) of their Belief? How would you describe the core belief system of this particular practice? do they hold dear and precious? do they abhor or disdain? makes their particular belief system unique or distinct? In what forms do these belief systems manifest their beliefs as demonstrated through their practices of faith?  In other words, what d o adherents to this system actually “do” to demonstrate their faith?  Do they pray together? Do they live together? How do the organizations, or groups, of their faith assist them in these practices? Do they have priests or priestesses? Are the people their priests or priestesses? Are there none?

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