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Oak seems to be taking over the home now, being present in everything from our floors to our shelving solutions and even in many pieces of furniture. But with wood being a far softer material than the likes of marble, what makes it so perfect for use in the kitchen?

Well, there are many reasons for using oak for everything from your flooring to the kitchen worktops, and not only does practicality need to be a factor, but the aesthetics of your kitchen will also need to be taken into account. HawaiiTrustedRealty, which offers kitchen renovation services in Hawaii, advises all its customers to use oak in their kitchens. And they are also seeing a trend that more and more homeowners in Hawaii are choosing oak for their homes.

The majority of kitchens are no longer just used for preparing meals, and not only do many people now eat in their kitchens, but even when guests are around, the kitchen is now far more likely to be used for socialising and entertaining.

Solid wood worktops and cabinets are likely to not only be far more attractive than other options, but equally as practical and in many ways cheaper than other appealing alternatives. Furthermore, solid wood worktops can be treated, stained and sanded meaning that if there does happen to be any damage to your kitchen worktops, it will be far easier to remedy the problem and get the kitchen looking great again than it will be with other alternatives.

Ultimately, oak offers quality and durability to the kitchen and will, at the same time, not only make the kitchen seem more attractive, but also far more homely. On top of this, as you change the look of your home, wood will be far easier to change with it and should you change the colour scheme of your home or even just your kitchen, you will be able to alter the appearance of the wood to fit in far more easily than you might be able to with any other type of material.

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