List the employee Id and name, and the name of the employee’s manager. List the name and address of the customer who placed order number 1008 24.

22. List the employee Id and name, and the name of the employee’s manager. 23. List the name and address of the customer who placed order number 1008 24. What are the names of customers who have placed orders? 25. Which customers have not placed any orders for computer desks? 26. Show the product description, product standard price and overall average standard price for all products that have a standard price greater than the average standard price. 27. List the customer Id, name and ordered quantity who has(have) purchased the largest quantity of any product. 28. List the customer Id, name and ordered quantity who has(have) purchased the smallest quantity of any product. 29. Combine the results from problem (27) and problem (28) into a single report. 30. For each salesperson, list his or her biggest selling product. 31. List any customers who have not placed any orders. 32. Display the name of customer with Id 16 and the names of all the other customers who are in the same zip code as customer 16. 33. Display the total cost of order number 1. 34. Display the order Ids for customers who have not made any payments, yet, on that order. (Hint: Use UNION, INTERSECT, or MINUS, EXCEPT). 35. List the saleperson who has sold the most computer desks. 36. Display the employee Id and name for those employees who do not possess the skill Router. Display the results in order by employee name. 37. List the names and number of employees supervised (labeled HeadCount) for each supervisor who supervises more than two employees 38. Display the customer names of all customers who have order both products, whose ids are 3 and 4. The order may be on the same or different orders. 39. Display information for all the employees in each state who were hired before the most recently hired person in that state. 40. List the name of each employee, birth date, and the name of his or her manager, and the manager’s birth date for those employees who were born before their manager. Label the manager’s data Manager and Manager Birth.

Attachment: Relational Schemas for the Pine Valley Furniture DB Customer(CustomerID, CustomerName, CustomerAddress, CustomerCity, CustomerState, CustomerPostalCode). CustomerShipAddress(ShipAddressID, CustomerID, TerritoryID, ShipAddress, ShipCity, ShipState, ShipZip, ShipDirections). ProductLine(ProductLineID, ProductLineName). Product(ProductID, ProductDescription, ProductFinish, ProductStandardPrice, ProductOnHand, ProductLineID, Photo). ProducedIn(ProductID, Work_CenterID). PaymentType(PaymentTypeID, TypeDescription). Payment(PaymentID, OrderID, PaymentDate, PaymentTypeID, PaymentAmount, PaymentComment). OrderLine(OrderLineID, OrderID, ProductID, OrderedQuantity). Order(OrderID, OrderDate, CustomerID, FulfillmentDate, SalespersonID, ShipAdrsID). Misc(MaterialID, MaterialName, Thickness, Width, SIZE, Material, MaterialStandardPrice, UnitOfMeasure, Type). EmployeeSkills(EmployeeID, SkillID, QualifyDate). Employee(EmployeeID, EmployeeName, EmployeeAddress, EmployeeCity, EmployeeState, EmployeeZip, EmployeeDateHired, EmployeeBirthDate, EmployeeSupervisor). DoesBusinessIn(CustomerID, TerritoryID). WorksIn(EmployeeID, WorkCenterID). WorkCenter(WorkcenterID, WorkCenterLocation). Vendor(VendorID, VendorName, VendorAddress, VendorCity, VendorState, VendorZipcode, VendorPhone, VendorFaxNumber, VendorContact, VendorTaxIDNumber). Uses(ProductID, MaterialID, QuantityRequired). Territory(TerritoryID, TerritoryName). Supplies(VendorID, MaterialID, SupplyUnitPrice). Skill(SkillID, SkillDescription)Shipped(OrderLineID, ShippedQuantity, ShippedDate). Salesperson(SalespersonName, SalespersonTelephone, SalespersonFax, SalesTerritoryID, SalespersonAddress, SalespersonCity, SalespersonState, SalespersonZip). RawMaterial(MaterialID, MaterialName, Thickness, Width, Size, Material, MaterialStandardPrice, UnitOfMeasure, Type). 

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