Licensing Competency Writing Assignment


This assignment fulfills/supports

  • Module Outcome 1: Described examples of marketing and public relations strategies.
  • Course Outcome 2: You will have discussed NC rules and regulations related to the licensing, health and sanitation, and accreditation of a child care center.
  • General Education Competency: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.

Assume that you are the manager of a child development center that has received a “poor” rating from the recent Environment Rating Scales assessment because staff members were grouped on the playground talking.

Develop a plan to correct this problem and this is not graded as one of the two paragraphs because if you notice the paragraphs have a different points system. 

There is a sample of a Quality Improvement Plan and you can incorporate some of the information as you develop a plan to correct the problems in the ITTERS assignment.  

Describe who will take what action when and how, and this is not graded as one of the two paragraphs because if you notice the paragraphs have a different points system.

Reference the 4 indicators of the subscale Interaction (begin on page 46) in the Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale and describe how your plan will correct the deficiencies.

There is an attachment of the 4 indicators of the ITTERS subscale Interactions from page 46 through 49 below in the assignment page. 

To Submit click on the assignment and attach the assignment in “Browse My Computer” link.

Grading Criteria

Review the Article Summary Guidelines, Statement on Plagiarism, and Citation Guidelines under the “Course Documents” tab on the left before submitting your assignment.

Four ITERS-R indicators are listed and correction is given in detail- 40 points

Information is provided on who will take action and how- 20 points

After completing the parts of the assignment above then develop the 2 paragraphs. I am sending this because it seems that some people are only developing two paragraphs and if you read the requirements you will see that there is a different number of points for the two paragraphs as well as the other parts of the assignment above the two paragraphs below.

2 paragraphs with 7-10 sentences- 30 points

please read the instructions in full so that assignment is done correctly

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