Kindly me answer these questions you 35. The oriental understanding of the self evolves from: Acceptance 47. "I should give importance in taking the time

Kindly me answer these questions you 35. The oriental understanding of the self evolves from:
47. "I should give importance in taking the time to relax and monitor my anxious
Unconditional positive regard
the classical or long lasting perception of the self
feelings so that they would not get me unfocused on these essential cognitive tasks.*
the thought that since the self has so many affiliations or associations, it can hardly be
42. A star athlete, who has won regional and national competitions, progressively
Mastery Experiences
trains harder and harder in hopes of qualifying for the Olympics. This example best
Vicarious Experiences
the perspective that the self can also be seen better form the perspectives of the multifarious
Verbal Persuasion
affiliations, connections, associations, or elements it shares life with.
illustrates which of the following?
the self is indigenous to its own culture
Emotional and Physiological States
Horney’s Idealized Self-Image
36. Which of the following best supports the idea that the self is influenced by culture?
Bandura’s concept of Proxy Agency
48. Carl Rogers looks at the self as fully defined by its potentials. This means that:
James’ subjective and objective self
Rogers’ Ideal Self
the self is essentially defined by the ideal qualities it wants to pursue
Aldous always utters foul language as he grew up hearing this from his parents.
the self is essentially defined by the potentials it is able to explore and develop
Aamon is not afraid to speak his mind considering that he was raised in the US.
the self may have complicated potentials difficult to develop
Argus is conscious of every word he says in order to not hurt another person’s feelings
43. Looking at Blessie and Nathan who have been my classmates since high school, I
Alice is pursuing his artistic ability as he is motivated by the artists in his family.
the potential of the self can only be developed in the ideal world
know I can also benefit from the techniques they use in mastering their lessons.
37. Salazar underscored the importance of understanding Filipino people through a
49. The emphasis of the home as determinant in the psychological health of
Mastery Experiences
Filipino perspective.
Vicarious Experiences
individuals was proposed by
Verbal Persuasion
Pantaxong Karunungan
Emotional and Physiological States
Paptaxong Pangbabihasnan
44. Karen Horney emphasizes that the development of a self has its critical moment in
38. Liz wants to live a healthy lifestyle thus, she exercises, eats healthy foods, and
50. Ruben did not get the promotion he felt he deserved. He started to dislike himself.
bonds with her family and friends often.
theory of the self according to Karen Horney is shown in this example?
Idealized Self
Human Agency
Actualized Self
45. Charles and his groupmates planned to have a dance practice in the park for a
Despised Self
Performance Attainment
Relational Self
TikTok video project. However, there is a standing order from the LGU that there
39. Kendra believes that even criminals deserve to live. self according to William
should be no gathering in public places. Disregarding the order, they went and had
James is being espoused in this example?
their dance practice anyway. Unfortunately, one of them was found to show symptoms
Political Self
of the delta variant. Which could have been exercised by Charles and his groupmates
Biological Self
to avoid such?
Economic Self
Spiritual Self
40. Which of the following is factual in HORNEY’s concepts?
The idealized self is who you are everyday.
The real self is the negative view of the self.
46. Jinipper is upset with her little sister for barging into her room and borrowing her
Basic anxiety takes place when parents are not able to provide safety.
Neurotic behaviors may happen when the despised self is not congruent with the real self.
clothes. This situation reflects what component of the self, according to William
41. You’ve got to love me for what I am. For simply being me. Don’t love me for what
I-self – Individual
you intend or hope that I will be. This line illustrates what concept of Rogers?
Me-self – Material
I-self – Social
Me-self – Relational

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