Instructions Attached is the Temperature Converter code. You can have it up running in Java Eclipse in no time at all.


  • Attached is the Temperature Converter code. You can have it up & running in Java Eclipse in no time at all. Simply create a Java project TemperatureConverter with two classes, TemperatureConverterFrame and TemperatureConverterTest. Copy the code in for the two classes and you’re ready to go. Run the program and you should see the Temperature Converter frame come up on your screen – enter a temperature & click Convert.
  • Your task is to create a Java project CurrencyConverter with two classes, CurrencyConverterFrame and CurrencyConverterTest. When your program runs you should see the Currency Converter frame come up on your screen. The look and feel of your program, the overall structure, should match that of the Temperature Converter program
  • There are three main approaches that you could use to create your program. Whichever way you go you need to follow good programming practices, including choosing appropriate identifiers. The three main approaches are as follows:
  • Create the currency conversion program from scratch.
  • Look at the Temperature Converter program and create the same types of classes in your Currency Converter program.
  • Start with the Temperature Converter program, and modify as appropriate/needed for your Currency Converter. You will need to add an additional panel for the currency conversion label and textbox. Using this approach, your class CurrencyConverterTest would be as follows:

public class CurrencyConverterTest


  public static void main(String[] args)


     CurrencyConverterFrame currencyConverterFrame = new CurrencyConverterFrame();


     currencyConverterFrame.setSize(300, 200);



}//end class CurrencyConverterTest

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