Information SecurityChapter 2 General Security Concepts1. Which equation describes the

access based on conflict of interest rules?

A. Bell-LaPadula security model

B. Biba security model

C. Brewer-Nash security model

D. Ring policy security model

13. What are the policies of the Biba model?

A. Ring (no read down) and Low-Water-Mark (no write up)

B. *-Property (no write down) and Simple Security Rule (no read up)

C. *-Property (no write up) and Simple Security Rule (no read down)

D. Ring (no read up) and Low-Water-Mark (no write down)

14. In the Clark-Wilson security model, what are the two levels of integrity?

A. Host and network

B. Integrity verification processes (IVPs) and transformation processes (TPs)

C. Ring and Low-Water-Mark

D. Constrained data items (CDIs) and unconstrained data items (UDIs)

15. Exception handling is an important consideration during software development.(T/F)

16. In most security circles, security through obscurity is considered a good approach, especially if it is the only approach to security.(T/F)

17. Encapsulation is the concept of separating items so that they cannot interfere with each other.(T/F)

18. In the Biba security model, instead of security classifications, integrity levels are used.(T/F)

19. Because of the nature of trust and its high-risk opportunity, the sage advice is to develop and maintain a culture embracing trust.(T/F)

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