Information Security


I. Final Research Paper

You will prepare a research paper that is 4 – 5 pages in length (not including the title and reference pages). Your research should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the comprehensive ideas and concepts that have been presented in this course, as well as provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to the topic of Information Security Planning.

In addition, following the example outlined in the provided sample policies, you should:

• Introduce and discuss the importance of information security planning

• Develop an organizational information systems security policy

• Include the Overview, Purpose, Scope, Policy, and Compliance sections of the policy.

• Present the policy in a manner that complies with standardized system policies.

• Address how such a directive will serve as an asset for the organization.

Keep in mind that the actual policy is only a portion of your research paper, and in addition to creating the actual policy, you should discuss the policy and outline why you integrated the specific criteria into the policy.

Your paper should reflect professional writing, current APA standards, and include at least 5 scholarly references (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles).

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