In responding to this , read his/her unique examples and reply to her/him your interpretation of the decision he made. Comment on any differences of

In responding to this , read his/her unique examples and reply to her/him your interpretation of the decision he made. Comment on any differences of opinion that you may have considered if you had been in his/her situation. Provide any examples from your own experience that apply to the example your peer is providing. Image transcription text _In your project example, how would knowing the project’s critical path have ed you make an
informed decision? Recently, I experienced a project mobilization failure that delayed the customer completion date (CCD)
causing the critical path to deviate from its originally intended schedule. As much as the owners wanted
to hold the contractor responsible the conflict resided within the owner’s security process. Vetting
contractors and allowing them unescorted access to federal installations is required, however, it is a
timely process and must be completed in the planning phases. If not, the contractor will not be granted
access despite them holding a contract with start dates. My organization keeps a pulse on these matters
and clearly explains this requirement to all approved contractors. The fact this event was not the
responsibility of the contractor, the owner is required to postpone the CCD which will inadvertently afl’ect
direct and indirect costs. The critical path method (CPM) is the process construction teams utilize to map out project
workings (Forecast, 2022). It is an analysis of a schedule that identifies the shortest point from A to Z.
Estimators use CPM to identify the amount of time a project duration should take. Identifying the lease
amount of time, a project should take will aid the construction team in making any necessary adjustments
accordingly. Knowing the critical path and what tasks hold greater impact allowed me to make an
informed decision to notify the contract manager of the recent discovery so they may address it according
to the terms of the contract. What is float, and ho’I’Ir is it determined? How can float when having to make a deeisionl such as
long—lead material changes? Float is broken down into two categories, total and free float. Total float sanctions the amount of time
each task can be delayed without delaying the completion of significant milestones, whereas free float refers to the effect a delay has on any successor activity’s early start date; it is determined by completing
a forward and backward calculation of activity dates (2.1253213: 2021). Understanding float allows for construction teams to build some buffer between the CCD and their internal target date. For example, when I am tasked with a project, I know I can complete in one day, I will tell the
requestor it takes me three days to complete. This way I get it done the first day and the owner is happy they received their product early when I deliver it on the second. In the event of a contingency, I still have
one more day before it is due and can request an extension before the last hour is up if need be. How will you use this knowledge to assist you on future projects? As complex as scheduling can be, segmenting it simplifies the schedule by breaking it down into
several tasks that can be adjusted accordingly to keep from deviating from the CCD. Knowing which tasks will have a greater impact on scheduling aid construction managers in adjusting with minimal
impact on costs. This knowledge will assist me in future project task triage. References Forecast. (2022). The beginner’ls guide to the critical path method. Retrieved from Forecast:

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