Image transcription text HRM 450 (Summer 2021) 02 x Meet – eep-jsyd-irn O X Final Exam: HRM 450.2 * Course Hero X M Inbox (792)

Image transcription text HRM 450 (Summer 2021) 02 x Meet – eep-jsyd-irn
Final Exam: HRM 450.2
* Course Hero
M Inbox (792) – +
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Mr. Ahmed is a Sales Manager at a reputed Corporation in
Bangladesh. He has 25 employees in his department, and all are
paid commission for their sales in their territories. For the past 3
years, the market for the company’s goods has been steadily
growing and the majority of Mr. Ahmed’s staff has met this
growth with increased sales. However, one employee in
particular, Mr. Rahman, has not kept up with the pace. He has
been with this corporation for over 20 years and is now 35 years
old. He is a friendly man and is liked by all his peers and those
to whom he sells the company’s products on a regular basis.
The company has always considered Mr. Rahman trustworthy and
loyal. Throughout the years, he has been counted as an asset to
the company, but at the age of $5, he has gone into an age of
semi-retirement. His sales have not increased and he does not
have the determination to acquire any improvement. Mr. Ahmed
wishes to change this situation . He wants to motivate Mr. Rahman
so that he speeds up and matches that of his younger peers.
Nonetheless, in order to accomplish this, Mr. Ahmed must begin
to do more than just put in his time. Unfortunately, he is not sure
how he will go about motivating Mr. Rahman. Unlike the
majority of new employees, Mr. Rahman is an old man, who
within a few years will reach the age of retirement. However, the
company requires him performing well until he retires.
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