I need explaining the council on addiction prevention and education of dutchess county, inc and the instructions on the photo ! Image transcription text BHS

I need explaining the council on addiction prevention and education of dutchess county, inc and the instructions on the photo ! Image transcription text BHS 163
Community Resource Project
You are a member of a Community Action Organization (CAO) that recognizes
that far too many people are unaware of the resources available within the Mid-
Hudson Valley to respond to social problems confronting residents of the Mid-
Hudson Valley.
The community organization that has been identified below will benefit from a
boost in its marketing campaign, and you are up for a challenge. You have agreed
to produce either a short video presentation or a hardcopy brochure that will
effectively present the work of the organization that you are ing to market.
This is not to be a rehash of something that already exists but something that is
new and different from what you can currently find in print or in a video format.
You will first want to learn about the existing programs and services that the
organization currently provides to people to include any marketing material
they may have (brochures, handout, videos commercials etc. If the opportunity is
available, you may want to actively observe or participate in an activity or
program sponsored by your organization to gain additional perspective.
You will have the opportunity to apply your understanding of the Social Problems
in Today’s World. This should also provide you with a chance to learn about the
needs of people within the communities around you. You are recognized as a
hardworking, open-minded person so there is no doubt that you will take this
opportunity very seriously. There is no way that you will put this off and do a
rush job at the last minute.
Your project will be shared with the rest of the class who will have an opportunity
to provide feedback on your project that will be included in your grade for the
project. You will also have an opportunity s Aprovide feedback on each of the
projects completed by others so it will be important for you to be available to
review the work of others in the CAO. The points you will earn for the project
will be primarily based upon the evaluation of your project but will also include
the quality of the evaluations you provide for the projects presented by others.
The Council on Addiction Prevention & Education of Dutchess County: 765-8301

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