Hello, my assignment is below. I created the column graph below, but I think my teacher may only be asking for a graph with two

Hello, my assignment is below. I created the column graph below, but I think my teacher may only be asking for a graph with two bars averaging all students. Also not sure how to proceed with answering questions 1 and 2. The assignment: in the EEG lab, four subjects each did two experiments. In one, we compared alpha rhythm with eyes
open vs. eyes closed. In the other, we tried comparing eyes closed and doing mental math with eyes
closed and visualization. This assignment is for the first experiment. You do NOT need to do the
analysis for the experiment involving differences in alpha rhythm while doing mental math and
visualization. Using the ESL Analysis software, analyze the eyes—open vs eyes—closed data for all four subjects. You should end up with a value for the average alpha power during each eyes open and eyes closed period
for each subject (should be two of each). I recommend keeping track of these numbers in a spreadsheet,
as shown in the Lab 9 video, but to illustrate the concept, you could use that to fill in the table below: Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4
Eyes—open 1
Eyes—closed 1
Eyes—open 2
Eyes—closed 2 From fliese numbers, you can calculate an average eyes—open alpha and eyes—closed alpha for each
subject (average the row 1 and 3 numbers for eyes—open, and rows 2 and 4 for eyes—closed). Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4
Eyes open average Eyes closed average How you will calculate an average eyes—open alpha across all subjects, and an average eyes—closed
alpha across all subjects. This is best done in the spreadsheet. You will also calculate a standard error of the mean for both of those [for the concept of standard error, refer to the video on Science Skills Error
Bars). Lab 2 Assignment: You should be in a lab group by this point. That might be a group of one, if you’ve chosen to work
alone, or a group of up to three. Your group should turn in answers to the questions below. You’ll need
to submit a spreadsheet [Excel or Libreflffice) with the graph and t test. Your analysis of the results of
the t test should be text; that can either he in the spreadsheet or submitted as an additional document. 1. (3 points) Produce a column graph, with proper axis and category labels, and with error bars, for the
group average alpha power in eyes—open and eyes—closed conditions. That should end up being a graph
with two bars, one for group average eyes open, and one for group average eyes closed. Error bars
should be for standard error of the mean. 2. (2 points) Perform a two~sample paired t test between the eyes—open and eyes—closed alpha power for
the four subjects to test the hypothesis that subjects show greater alpha power when their eyes are closed. p value did you get from the t test? is your conclusion about your hypothesis based
on that p value?

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