e Code Challenge – IT lt; C Codio – Numeric and String Expr Hand Tracing – Intro to Java Prog X C Codio…

Can someone please explain how this is wrong? I’ve followed the directions and even tried spacing the code out but it still says it’s wrong. I’m not sure how this is still wrong.

e Code Challenge – IT<CCodio – Numeric and String ExprHand Tracing – Intro to Java Prog XCCodiohttps://codio.com/dlopez7/numeric-and-string-expressions:5c1711cbab68f03457dca422:KxGhUkEjGJW6/tree/challenges%2Fjoin-string2.pyProjectFileEditFindViewToolsEducationHelpjoin-string2.pyNode versionProject Index (static)Configure….3. 3. Joining …# Input from the command lineimport sysSQUAWNstring1Collapse String expressionsstring21 = sys . argv[1]2 = sys . argv[2]# Write your code below3. 3. Joining more stringsnewString =’A’aString =”Bprint (newString + aStringThis is a common case is coding and you will needto create your output by joining the inputs andadding the space in the middle.Check It!X18. 1 07 27 41Program OutputProgram Failed for Input: A BExpected Output: A BYour Program Output: A EYour output was incorrect. Tryagain.Python100(9:6)LopezProEval (2).htmlLopezProEval (1).htmlALopezProEvalPDF.pdf1:09 AMO Type here to search0ee12/28/2018

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