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For discussion board assignment, there is an intentional cybersecurity attack on the water utility’s SCADA system. It occurs during the fall after a dry summer in the city of Rockdale. The water utility’s 

Information Technology (IT) person did not receive an expected pay raise and decided to reprogram the SCADA system to shut off the high-lift pumps. The operator’s familiarity with the SCADA system allows him to reprogram the alarms that typically notify operators of a high-lift pump failure. In addition, he prevented access to the SCADA system by others. A brush fire is also in progress on the outskirts of the city. As the new and experienced information manager identify what type(s) of new countermeasures should have been implemented to prevent this cyber-attack from occurring.


Each question should have a subtitle and at least two paragraphs with different in-text citations supporting your argument. You also need to respond to at least two classmates’ posts with a minimum of 100 words each. Your responses should be substantive and instigating. Your initial post is due on Wednesday by 1159pm and responses by the due date. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in a reduction in assignment score.

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