Critique this poster on scientific guideline for poster . Lang, T. A. (2010). How to write, publish & present in the health sciences a guide

Critique this poster on scientific guideline for poster . Lang, T. A. (2010). How to write, publish & present in the health sciences a guide for clinicians & laboratory researchers. Philadelphia (Pa.): ACP Press. chapter 12 BACKGROUND
Development of a Vascular Graft Apparatus
The Norwood Procedure, which
Tests show that device was able
is a multistage palliative
Kelly Cox ‘ , Virgil Secasanu ‘, Dr. Alain Kassab PhD. ‘, Dr. William DeCampli PhD. MD. ?
to affectively reduce flow through
procedure design to correct for
Hypoplastic Left-Heart
" UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science, MMAE; ? UCF College of Medicine
the shunt. These conclusions
were first reached qualitatively
Syndrome, is effective in
and then reflected in volumetric
restoring serial cardiovascular
flow comparison which
flow in a univentricular system
numerically supported the flow
but it yet has to reach its full
reduction hypothesis
potential. It is assumed that by
increasing the amount of
To control the flow through the Blalock-Taussig (BT) shunt in order to increase the
Device Performance
oxygenated blood flow to the
amount of oxygenated blood that flows to the coronaries during diastole, therefore
myocardium during this initial
preventing the heart from weakening as quickly and prolonging the chances of survival.
procedure, survival rates can be
Systemic to
Pulmonary Shunt
Flow control will be
implemented by means of a
Normal Heart
vascular graft apparatus that will
be attached to
The results found thus far do
Taussig (BT) Shunt that is
support the ability of the vascular
implanted as part of the
graft apparatus to reduce blood
procedure. To test the
flow through the BT shunt
effectiveness of this control
synchronous with a heartbeat.
device, a bench-top model was
Polymer shells enclose both the BT Shunt and a Fogerty Catheter which inflates
and deflates to reduce the cross sectional area of the shunt. This restricts blood
flow through the shunt during catheter inflation. If restricted during diastole,
blood flow to the coronaries will theoretically increase. The catheter is inflated
Reduce overall size of the
and deflated by a syringe pump which acts in response to and ECG reading of
device for neonates
the patient’s heartbeat
Increase counter-pulsation
capabilities to that of 140 bom
. Analyze in-vivo performance
Full Flow
Full Flow
with piglets
. 5mm Diameter BT Shunt
5mm Shell Casing
. 4Fr. Fogarty Embolectomy
NE 1050 Syringe Pump
Special s goes out to the
LabVIEW & BASIC Software
following people for the
contributions to this team project.
We are grateful for their
assistance. Dr. Ricardo Argueta-
Morales; Mr. Jeff Lambert; Mr.
Sample ECO
Ann Thorac Surg. Oct 2008,86(4):1299-1304.
Steven Dick; Mr. William Clark, Mr.
Circulation March 2001; 103:1269-1273
N Engl J Med. Jan 6 1983;308(1):23-26.
Reginal Tran; Ms. Gina Speranza;
Ms. Tammy Simonson,
US patent 6053891, 2000.

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