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Reply to two threads. Each reply should be 100 words each. Each reply should say something meaningful rather than just “Great job. Well-said. I really agree with you…” Use this as an opportunity to discuss the topic. 

Reply #1

  Can’t wait to keep learning more about IT/IS


When I started this course, I truly  did not know what to expect. I had ideas and knew what I wanted to  obtain from this class, but overall, I was impressed and left  dumbfounded at all the material and topics that were discussed in this  course. The first thing that I realized is that when it comes to  programming there are many ways to do it and reasons to program. I  learned that there are many opportunities to grow with the IT network  and that I would like to apply myself to the many different fields of  IT.

The best portions of this course were  the labs. Getting to use Wireshark, excel, adobe muse, and UML modeling  were great tools to enhance my skills. My favorite one was Wireshark; I  am constantly using it to become more familiar with it. I also enjoyed  the UML modeling, as it gave me a better perspective on how a business  operates and how a plan can be generated to view all the possible  outcomes, good, bad, and unexpected. It was fun trying to put the actor  with the product and understanding how to who to where and why. There  were moments that I felt I was not going to be able to comprehend the  material or accomplish the labs but persevering through each one allowed  me to further appreciate the effort and knowledge I obtained.  This  course makes me feel better prepared for future classes regarding IT.

My initial goal for this course was to  get my certifications and get a position with NSA as a network manager,  this is still a goal of mine. I currently enrolled myself in taking a  course to receive my CompTIA A+ and having been engaging myself more in  how to videos, viewing and reading materials that can further enhance my  skills. This class has been such a blessing to me; I found the material  easy to comprehend and apply to my daily life, even my wife has noticed  a difference and is amazed at how much I learned within a short period  of time.

Reply #2

My original idea of information systems and information  technology coming into this class was limited to say the least. Never  before had I ever needed to do or explore any kind of web and design  features and activities like the things we have learned over the past  eight weeks, but the skills that I have come to develop in this time has  opened a wide variety of systems that I know I will be able to use to  my advantage in the future.  There is a much broader spectrum of things  at my disposal than I realized and being shown how to go about working  even just a few of them through the detail in these lessons has proven  to teach me more useful things than I would have ever been able to learn  by just trying to figure out similar functions and online opportunities  by myself. The website design portion in week five “The Web,  E-Commerce, and Enterprise Systems” ended up being one of my favorite  assignments as it was very educational and that I had already been  looking into the information presented there before the class began. It  was the exact topic of what I was hoping to receive information and  clarification on when coming into the course. The exposure to all of  these concepts has helped my original idea of these information systems  expand towards new goals and circumstances. Now knowing that there is so  much we can do with the technology available to us, I have become much  more interested in taking part in something where I can utilize these  skills in the long term scenario and vitalize all of the presented  instances in order to come up with a solution to the problems we face as  of now in our social situations. I think if everyone was aware of what  these systems are and just how readily available they can be, how to  make it in the world with what has been provided to us would be much  easier for everyone to navigate.

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