company, with Rs 100 Crore a year sale, has the vision of becoming research led pharmaceutical company and has evolved a roadmap to move up

company, with Rs 100 Crore a year sale, has the vision of becoming research led pharmaceutical company and has evolved a roadmap to move up in the pharmaceuticalvalue chain. The company is attempting to enter into global specialties business and also expansion into foreign markets. In 2004, nearly two-thirds of its sales came fromsome 20 foreign markets. This company’s strategic priorities are geographic expansion, globalisation of key businesses, and innovation.The leadership development has proceeded in two waves. In wave 1, the focus was on defining 13 generic competencies, and the company launched a leadership developmentprogram that focused on the top 50 leadership position-holders. These 50 position- holders were given inputs on the company’s business strategy and performance ethic.They were subjected 360° appraisal, and the inputs from the multiple assessors became the basis for designing person – specific development plans within the framework of the13 generic competencies. Also, talent was identified at the middle and junior management levels through assessment centres. More than 250 employees werecovered, and more than 50 were identified as potential leaders. These 50 were given customised training, increased responsibilities and development-oriented assignmentsas part of the management development program. A detailed study on future leadership development was undertaken in preparation forwave 2. Benchmarking was done with global companies. Each competency was assessed Page 2 of 2in terms of five anchor points. In all, 12 competencies were mapped, nine under organisation building, seven under entrepreneurship and innovation, and six underleadership by example. The leadership model has been implemented through a number of steps. Those passing are subjected to a 360° leadership talent survey. A boardconsisting of business managers has been formed, called the talent management board (TMB). Development and deployment plans for each assessee are worked out, keepingin mind the gaps between competency assessment and expected leadership standards. Critical positions have been identified, and the TMB identifies potential successors forthese critical positions. This way, leadership development is coupled with career management, and these in turn are coupled with strategic management and culture-building. Questions to be Answered:(1) Explain the significance of Star Pharma Ltd. conducting its leadership development in two waves and why(2) How are the developmental needs of the target groups different in the two waves? How does the company can ensure objectivity for the competencies anddevelopmental activities identified in the programme?

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