Write 6 pages APA format paper to include intext-citations, reference page and title page.

. Code of Ethics 

A model Code of Ethics would consist of the following: 

(1) guiding ethical principles and behaviors (and/or penalties for misconduct); 

(2) processes for avoiding and resolving ethical dilemmas, both internal and externally based; and (3) ethics training recommendations (and program effectiveness). 

2. Evaluate a Case Study Using Your Code of Ethics – CASE STUDY SELECTED TITLE:  ANIMAL TESTING FOR COSMETICS AND MEDICINE (CASE 10.3 OF BEYOND INTEGRITY book by Scott B. Rae and Kenman L.Wong)

A. State the Business practice in question – “Is it ethical to …”

• Define the issue and establish the facts

B. Explain / Demonstrate Understanding of Various Dynamics:

• Others’ Rights

• Existing Laws / Standards

• Principles (whether Biblical or Social)

• Cultural Uniqueness

C. Consideration of Outcomes / Impact – define what you perceive will be the impact and effects on others rights with different choices or options.

D. Using Your Code of Ethics, form a pattern for making a decision. Carefully but briefly use your code of ethics to determine the course of action. Then, using a persuasive style, defend your position using Moral reasoning with consideration of the Business impact:

• Economic

• Legal

• Social

• People

E. A Critique of Your Code of Ethics – how did it help, what might need to change?

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