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This assignment will assess your ability to apply the concepts of chapters 1-3 to conduct an analysis of data on 4 variables collected from the 50 US states (Home ValuesPreview the document).

You will calculate various descriptive statistics, create summary tables and create various charts to summarize the data for a company. Finally, you will create a written report for company leadership summarizing your findings. You will need to enable the Data Analysis ToolPak Add-in on your Data Ribbon in Excel to perform the necessary analyses. Refer to the video on how to enable the Data Analysis Add-in. Note: If you use a Mac, the Data Analysis ToolPak is only available in Excel 2016 or higher.

Please refer to the videos on how to create box plots, create histograms, create scatterplots, run descriptive statistics and run a correlation matrix in Excel.

Details of the assignment are contained in the document MBA 6350 Case Study 1Preview the document.

I have also prepared a MS Word TemplatePreview the document that you can use that can help with drafting a quality case study report in MS Word in APA format (it can also be found in the Helpful Resources module).

The case study is due on Sunday by 11:59 pm of Week 2. Please refer to the rubric for grading criteria.



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