: Blackboard = x X Question 43 Acient will begin taking vaban to prevent stoke. The nurse must include women we teaching adent wordt A

: Blackboard = x X Question 43 Acient will begin taking vaban to prevent stoke. The nurse must include women we teaching adent wordt A Use a soft bristle toothbrush B Use an electric razor. Avoid a diethich in vitamin D Report signs and symptoms of bleeding It is important to take this medication on time Question 44 A unes caring for a chiete preplacement Surgery The has been receiving on cemento de comptains of targetes sense 20 permend the 100 W A Abdominalay B Hemoglobin and hematocrit Com DELL FVO 941 P * < $ 23 & 7 $ 4 0 5 6 2 3 o O P Y т U Q W E BE к j IL H н Blackboard = x X 0 POUNTER Question 30 Which statement by the dient indicates an understanding of teaching regarding treatment of H.pylori with metronidazol? will avoid alcohol while taking this medication" "I will avoid foods containing tyramine while taking this medication." C "will take this medication on an empty stomach Dill take this medication with food Question 31 The nurse receives an order to sve atropine 100 mot So now. The medication named only found answer to the nearest tenth or one decimale lead roles. Do not use 0.4 Question 32 DELL F10 PM 12 DAS F7 WE FO FS F3 9 FO P ed * a 2 #m S 4 % 5 & 7 9 6 8 2 o U P W U Q T m R Y d2 POUNDER Question 36 Teaching instructions for the client with peptic ulcer disease may include which of the following B Increase meal frequency to five small meals, avoid smoking, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIOS Limit meals to twice daily and take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in the morning Eat only a bland diet and hold all medications except antiulcer medications D Avold spicy foods and smoking take your antiulcer medication with your nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDI. Question 37 A nurse is discussing how beta-blockers work to decrease blood pressure with using student which statement by the student indices need to A Beta-blockers block the actions of alpha receptor sites." "Beta-blockers decrease heart rate and contractillery." Beta-blockers decrease peripheral vascular resistance. D Beta-blockers decrease the release of rein DELL 942 FV F6 F7 FB hi a F2 F3 F4 A & 7 9 0 % 5 8 2 unde #而 6 Y U T R 27 W Blackboard txo X OUPON Question 26 The physician orders cyanocobalamin 1 mg PO daily. Available is cyanocobalamin 1000 metablet. How many tablets wil the runs territor number number. Do not use a trailing zero. 1 Question 27 Adient with diabetes developstypertension. The nurse anticipates administering which of the following type of medicinonta per conforte de A Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor Anticoagulant © Direct acting asodilator D Aldosterone antagonist Question 28 Anmeldent is the bed licor Who Shoudscheme DELL F6 FS F7 FYO TV DSCK F12 P < @ 2 #m $ 4 7 6 8 9 5 0 3 U O P р Y Q Q W m Slackboard Xo Question 22 OG HELP CENTER 22-year-old client is treated for acute asthma exacerbation with the following medications oxygen, intravenous glucocorticoid, nebuted high SABA), and nebulized ipratropium. Which statement by the curse indicates understanding of the use of these medications for this situation Oxygen decreases hypoxemia while the IV glucocorticold will increase the inflammatory response and the other two will open the nasal Oxygen increases hypoxemia while the IV glucocorticoid decreases inftammation and the other two will constrict the bronchioles." Oxygen decreases hypoxemia while the IV glucocorticoid reduces inflammation and the other two reduce airflow obstruction DOxygen acts as a carrier for the SABA and the ipratroplum but can be discontinued once they are done, and the glucocorticoid stimulates the Question 23 A client is taking both becomethasone and buterol. Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for further education "I will take my albuterol puff before becomethasone inhalation when take them both in the mom " will rise my mouth abertuse my bedomethasone having culty breathing will two pussy escuelas prescribed "I will take two out of my becometasone only when I am when DELL F7 FB F10 711 F12 FO P DS WERN . * @ 2 #m < 0 & 7 5 6 8 9 0 a W E RE Y P U Blackboard - → X 80 G Question 28 HELP CENTER An elderly client is prescribed lisinopril. Which of these interventions should the nurse teach the client to reduce the risk of falling Assess for localized swelling, B Rise slowly Increase caffeine intake Take this medication with food. Question 29 A dient taking atorvastatin begins to complain of muscle aches, fatigue and weakness. Which of the flowing should the remonto A The client's complete blood cell count (CBC) B The clients hemoglobin and hematocrit The clients ALTIAST levels The clients creatine kinasexcy levels DELL 912 Blackboard -xo Question 44 Anurse is caring for a client after hip replacement surgery. The client has been reconocement therapy for two days and the reste de Comins of fatigue, heart rate is a beatinin tespitine 20 bretes per true, and the blood press 100 What there was Abdominal x-ray Hemoglobin and hematocrit Uliver entymes O @ D Hypertonic huid bolus Question 45 Acent taking an ancien of de website A The couchage reaction nephrines de The couglastonsinantes Cif the couch is the diet should be the one Theme DELL FO 52 W & ) 0 BOSER @ 7 B 9 3 Р 02 o T Y U 1 a w G H J к A s D V N B M C N х X Blackboard € → X @ INTER Question 9 The new graduate nurse would question the order for taxative administration in which of the following clients Select all that apply A A 65-year-old male with ulcerative colitis who is having a hip replacement 0 A 24-year-old female with a distended abdomen who has not passed stool for three days and has just arrived at the emergency department © A 40 year old female who uses opioids for chronic pain. 0 Ants year-old female trying to lose five more pounds for a beauty pageant A SO-year-old male with chronic hemorrhoids who is having orthoscopic Surgery Question 10 Adient to the G.COM weet myy Aware DELL FT 3 - FO F P F12 DS 96 2 $ 4 5 & 7 6 8 9 O 2 w w E C O o Р Hii s D F H к L 2 Blackboard → X Adients health care presented a bus forming out for inconto which are the instant A can use this medicationem O should not his drug for at bowel syndrome cshould take cach done with low O this druge Question 14 A mentem Potassium lento O © © Owen DELL FO 1 تی SR 9 0 5 Y U T O o P w | ER As J L K S G D F B N M х AI Cart AR → X HET Question 30 Which statement by the client indicates an understanding of teaching regarding treatment of H.pylori with metronidazole? A will avoid alcohol while taking this medication." will avoid foods containing tyramine while taking this medication © will take this medication on an empty stomach. will take this medication with food." Question 31 The nurse receives an order to give atropine 400 mg Snow. The medication is available in an ampule labeled atropiretto only. Round answer to the nearest tenth or one decimal place. Use a leading zero if it applies. Do not use a trazer 0.4 Question 32

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