(a) socialization (b) informal negative (c) formal positive (d) formal negative 18. Human beings develop the capacity and skills to think, love and communicate during

(a) socialization (b) informal negative (c) formal positive (d) formal negative 18. Human beings develop the capacity and skills to think, love and communicate during the ____ process. (a) socialization (b) invention (c) language develo pment (d) cultural relativism (e) all of the above 19. It is during the _____ process that a feeling of self is formed. (a) socialization (b) Sanction (c) research (d) Future shock (e) none of the above 20. A person’s self – concept can be either positive or negative. (a) true (b) false 21. The use of language is a ______________ of a culture. (a) culture (b) society (c) group (d) unique practice (e) all of the above 22. It is during the socialization process that we learn the attitudes, norms, values and behaviors that are necessary to function within a particular ____. (a) self – concept (b) theoretical framework (c) culture (d) relationship (e) none of these 23. A secondary group has intimate (very close) interactions with its members. (a) tru e (b) false 24. People that we use as a standard of evaluating or understanding ourselves is our___ (a) reference group (b) society (c) mirror self (d) role complex (e) all 25. Being _____ is the belief that your own culture is the best culture that eve ryone should follow. (a) racist (b) cultural relativism (c) prejudice (d) ethnocentric (e) discriminatory 26. ______is the understanding and analyzing of other cultures in terms of that culture’s internal standards and conditions. (a) rites of passage (b) systemic racism (c) privilege (d) ethnocentrism (e) cultural relativism 27. Any _____ on values in society is because some people have more power than others and can force their beliefs on their less powerful companions. ____ (a) self – concept (b) belie fs (c) conflict (d) agreement (e) none of the above 28. The sociological imagination allows us to go beyond ____ experiences and observations to understand broader public issue s; the capacity to see things socially, how these things interact and influenc e each other. (a) legal (b) personal (c) research (d) religious (e) none of the above 29. Change is _______ and desirable. (a) socialized (b) Sanctioned (c) inevitable (d) Future shocked (e) none of the above 30. A generational _______ can affect the self – concept of a whole group of people for generations. (a) grades (b) lost items (c) marker event (d) truth (e) all of the above 31. Members of a ____ Enclave may find their connections to each other to be personally rewarding but do not contribute to the overall common good of society. (a) status (b) lifestyle (c) identity (d) culture (e) none of these

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