(4 .) Carolyn took home some printer paper from the office. Later, she felt guilty for stealing it, so she brought some paper to work

(4 .) Carolyn took home some printer paper from the office. Later, she felt guilty for stealing it, so she brought some paper to work to replace what she took. Freud would suggest that Carolyn’s ________ was influencing her motives and behavior. Question 1 options: id unconscious mind ego superego (4 .) _____________ theory is called the “third force” in personality theory. Question 2 options: Psychoanalytic Behaviorist Cognitive Humanistic (4 .) A patient waiting for an appointment with Sigmund Freud looks around the room to see who else is waiting. Who among the following is most likely to have been one of Freud’s patients? Question 3 options: Hal, a coal-mine worker who is severely depressed Angela, a maid, who is severely depressed Sue, a wealthy woman who is suffering from sexual repression Mario, a soldier who is suffering from a hysterical disorder (4 .) Skinner and Watson believed that personality is the result of: Question 4 options: operant conditioning and vicarious learning. classical and operant conditioning and observational learning. observational learning and classical conditioning. behavioral reinforcement. (4 .) Which defense mechanism figured prominently in the theory of Alfred Adler? Question 5 options: repression compensation depression rationalization (4 .) Mahmoud was just told that his father has cancer. Mahmoud’s first response is that there must be a mistake and he demands that the doctor repeat his tests. Which defense mechanism is at work here? Question 6 options: reaction formation denial repression undoing (4 .) According to Jung, the memories and behavior patterns inherited from past generations are part of the ______. Question 7 options: persona personal unconscious alter-ego collective unconscious (4 .) Freud believed that the _____________ was the most important determining factor in human behavior and personality. Question 8 options: id preconscious mind manifest awareness unconscious mind (4 .) There were three friends. Maybe you’ve heard of them! Harry was rational, logical, and cunning. Hermione was rule-oriented, moral, and always ethical. Ron was pleasure seeking, found it hard to delay gratification, and usually just did what he wanted. According to Freud, Ron was mostly ___________. Question 9 options: id ego superego libido (4 .) “What did you have for lunch an hour ago?” Before I asked you that question, the information was in your _______________ mind. Question 10 options: conscious unconscious postconscious preconscious (4 .) What is Albert Bandura’s term for the relationship among the three factors that influence personality? Question 11 options: feedback loops learned responses reciprocal determinism external expectancies (4 .) Frank and Gina are looking at an abstract painting in a museum. Gina describes objects and people she thinks she sees in the painting. Frank says, “It’s a bunch of paint thrown on a canvas.” Gina responds, “No, there is so much here that you just don’t see.” During lunch, they agree that their experience reminds them of what concept they learned in introductory psychology? Question 12 options: social cognition trait theory projective testing the Big Five (4 .) Which of the following choices describes the cultural personality of the United States? Question 13 options: individualistic high in power distance low in individualism high in uncertainty avoidance (4 .) When anxiety provoking memories are prevented from reaching conscious awareness, such as not remembering lying to parents, it is called ________. Question 14 options: denial sublimation repression regression (4 .) Jill is an 8-year-old girl who is having a birthday party. According to Freud, since Jill is in the latency period, whom would you expect to be at her party? Question 15 options: mostly girls mostly boys mostly male parents who look like her father mostly parents (4 .) Which component of a person’s personality is responsible for the continuing desire to engage in sex indiscriminately? Question 16 options: ego superego id preconscious (4 .) Shanda is afraid of failing one of her final exams, primarily because she thinks the professor gives hard exams and so, no matter how much studying she does, it won’t matter. Cognitive theorists would suggest that Shanda: Question 17 options: has an external locus of control. has an internal locus of control. has an introverted personality. has an extraverted personality. (4 .) Which of the following descriptions is likely to fit the quality of self-actualization? Question 18 options: shy, silent, and humorless real self close to ideal self ideal self dominating real self superego dominating id (4 .) In Freud’s theory, the id is to fun as the superego is to ____________. Question 19 options: guilt pride rules freedom (4 .) Derrick is an executive with a large financial firm. Any time his investments do poorly, he throws temper tantrums and breaks things. Then he starts barking orders at his secretary. Which personality structure would Freud say is exerting control? Question 20 options: id superego ego preconscious (4 .) The _____________ theory of personality has its basis in the theories of learning, and focuses on the effects of environment on one’s personal characteristics and actions. Question 21 options: psychodynamic humanistic trait behaviorist (4 .) A baseball player’s son is quite talented; he has received lots of awards over the years. When he gets up to bat, he expects to get a hit, and when he is in the field, he expects to make every catch. According to Bandura, what characteristic does this young man seem to have? Question 22 options: self-regard self-centeredness self-efficacy self-actualization (4 .) When you accept someone—faults and all—regardless of whether or not you like the individual or approve of his or her lifestyle, Rogers suggests that you are exhibiting ________. Question 23 options: restraint unconditional positive regard self-editing genuineness (4 .) For Freud, the only personality structure present at birth is the ______. Question 24 options: id ego superego preconscious (4 .) Which of the following statements describes the relationship between temperament and personality? Question 25 options: Temperament and personality are the exact same thing. Personality, which we are born with, is the basis upon which one’s temperament is built. Temperament, which we are born with, is the basis upon which one’s personality is built. Temperament refers to negative personal characteristics, while personality refers to positive personal characteristics.

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