1) The logic of ‘not,’ ‘and,’ ‘or,’ ‘every,’ ‘some,’ and ‘is’ are part of {x} logic; the logic of ‘can,’ ‘must,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘necessary’ are

1) The logic of ‘not,’ ‘and,’ ‘or,’ ‘every,’ ‘some,’ and ‘is’ are part of {x} logic; the logic of ‘can,’ ‘must,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘necessary’ are part of {x} logic; 2) A circular argument or one that has an infinite regress offers the strongest type of genuine proof. True False 3) [x] logic is both simple and elegant. 4) Most philosophically significant arguments have at least one Two non-obvious premises An obvious premise One non-obvious premise A false conclusion 5) A is one of many deductively valid forms of argument. True False 6) In the case of abduction, philosophy is closer to {x} in the case of real-life experimentation, philosophy is close to [x] 7) If a theory explains very little, that theory is said to have what? No punchline Low explanatory power A contradiction in the premises It contains one or more formal logical fallacies 8) Something that is accepted without appeal to further proof is called a what? Trick question, there is nothing that matches that definition A conclusion First principle An starting premise

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